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Commercial Pest Control in Springfield, MA

A pest-free environment is essential to business whether your business is a medical facility, restaurant or warehouse, a supermarket or school. Because of the number of visitors, commercial properties are judged on much harsher standards than homes if they have pest control issues. The presence of any insect or rodent makes your tenants or clients call your entire operation into question. Make Rid-A-Pest a part of your property management solution.
Restaurant - Pest Control in Springfield, MA
Our goal is to protect your facility by using environmentally friendly, non-disruptive pest control solutions so your company runs as usual. We inspect any entry points for insects and rodents, this will include shipping containers, cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, pipes, vents, hidden cracks, crevices and more.
We are a family owned local Springfield based company. We have been providing the best in Pest control services in both Western Massachusetts and Connecticut for more than 20 years. We continue to improve upon years of knowledge, education and pioneer new processes to eradicate the worst of insects and rodents. We offer experience and knowledge with decades of service and we pioneer new processes to eliminate all your pest problems.