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Residential Pest Control in Springfield, MA

Family - Pest Control in Springfield, MA
If you are experiencing problems with bed bugs, rodents, bees, wasps, carpenter ants, spiders, mice, or roaches, call Rid-A-Pest. We offer 24-hour total elimination service to protect you from a pest invasion.

We specialize in bed bug elimination. Having bed bug issues is no reflection on cleanliness. Even the tidiest of homes experience a bed bug issue or two. Without immediate action, bed bugs can get out of control. If your home is overrun with bed bugs call Rid-A-Pest, we offer a total elimination service.

We Guarantee Elimination

Calling Rid-A-Pest to handle your pest infestation is truly calling the experts. We designed and engineered this home pest control plans based on your individual situation and current pest activity. It continues past eradication into prevention of re-infestation. We are available by appointment to take a look at your property first hand. When you call Rid-A-Pest, your pests become a thing of the past.